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about us

Style & Glam carries women's apparel, accessories, cosmetics and home decor that caters to those with an affinity for quality, statement pieces at affordable prices. Starting from humble beginnings, founder Jamyce Patterson launched her company as a small jewelry boutique to now, a fashion and beauty brand that carries hundreds of wardrobe essentials and specialty items that have graced the covers of magazines, international runways and many celebrities. Our team works closely with a group of tastemakers and influencers to continually improve on delivering upscale looks accessible to every fashionista around the world. It's our top priority to create beautiful, tailored designs that makes our customers feel sexy, feminine, confident and powerful. We have extended our brand to Style & Glam Girl (girl's accessory line), Style & Glam Luxe (custom and signature collection) and Style & Glam Beauty.

doing our part

Throughout the growth of Style & Glam, Jamyce has never wavered on providing fashionistas with impeccable value, affordability, excellent customer service and sustainability.  In doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint, we have set in place several eco-friendly processes, such as, (1) carrying limited in-stock merchandise, (2) restocking or replacing items only after another item has sold out, (3) creating pieces on a preorder basis, (4) restricting excessive usage of our resources, (5) donating unsold items to women's shelters and rehab organizations and (6) using recycled materials for our marketing publications and packaging.  We take great strides in continually finding ways to become more environmentally aware within the fashion industry.

we support you

We’re committed to promoting an inclusive platform that provides equal opportunities, support and respect to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age or disability status. We strive to build a safe haven where you can feel accepted and free to be who you are. The Style & Glam team are allies to all communities and dedicated to the advocacy for self-love, positivity and unity. 

our boss up mission

Inspired by her love for fashion and business, founder Jamyce Patterson, has launched an entrepreneurial mentorship, BECOME A STYLE BOSS, that allows aspiring CEO's to learn about the fashion and beauty market.  The program removes the pressure of spending a lot of up-front money on inventory, wasting time to find the right promotional channels and experiencing the challenges of growing within the industry.  The Become A Style Boss program provides our bosses with all the resources and tools to expand their business through our educational course, video trainings, monthly Zoom meetings, manuals, marketing materials and 24/7 online support.

be part of our tribe

Whether you're a model, style boss, customer or associate, our S & G team is always looking to welcome strong, beautiful women and yes our club!  From the beginning, it has been our goal to connect with our supporters and create fun memories at our events, social media and Youtube channel.  Our team and models will take you behind-the-scenes of our shoots, videos, beauty tutorials, virtual fashion shows and livestreams where we answer questions and play games with you. Join us at STYLE & GLAM RUNWAY and become a VIP member.

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