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"I was never into waiting for the perfect time or finding people that could make things happen for me.... I knew that to turn my dreams into reality, I just had to get started on my own... doing it my way."

" At first, this was about me creating a legacy for my daughter, but ended up being a platform where I can help aspiring CEOs build their future as well."


I designed this entrepreneurship to not only teach fashion hopefuls how to start a business, but help them navigate through the challenges of the industry, while doing it at their convenience and making tons of money.

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the benefits to joining us


From big commission to cash bonuses, watch your savings stack up.


Free products, spa days and drawings to win all expense paid shopping trips.


Get first-hand experience on starting and maintaining a business in fashion.


User friendly technology that allows you to track order sales, commission and perks.


Grow your business with our resources, Zoom meetings, marketing tips and video training.


Company handles all orders, shipping & returns, customer relations & troubleshooting.

how to register









Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? You are only 4 steps away from being in the fashion and beauty business.

Whether you want to go slow or take the leap, both kits will give you all the necessary tools to be on top of your game.

Learn how to promote your business, build your customer base and boost your profits.  There will be a Q&A after each class.




You will receive your kit in

3 - 6 weeks in the mail.  It will contain your customized business cards, manuals, and catalogs.

We foster a safe and productive environment that empowers upcoming fashion entrepreneurs by assisting them through real life operations, helping to acquire and maintain customers, promoting their businesses and generating wealth at their own pace.  Our motto... it's your time to shine.

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Select Your Starter Kit

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starter kit options (one time fee)




  • 24/7 Access to online support & training

  • Style Expert community forum

  • Style & Glam marketing manual

  • Monthly Zoom meetings

  • 25 Personalized business cards with your contact information

  • 5 Catalogs

$500 value





  • 24/7 Access to online support & training

  • Style Expert community forum

  • Style & Glam marketing manual

  • Monthly Zoom meetings

  • 100 Personalized business cards with your contact information

  • 10 Catalogs

$1,250 value

"In one weekend, I made over $700 in commission... without spending any money on marketing."

Natalie C.

commission & bonuses


$0 - $299.99

$300 - $799.99

$800 - $1,299.99

$1,300 - $1,799.99

$1,800 - $2,199.99

$2,200 - $2,699.99

$2,700 - $2,999.99



15% commission

18% commission

20% commission

23% commission + free product

25% commission + free product

25% commission + 2% credit towards next purchase

27% commission + 2% credit towards next purchase  + drawing to a win spa day (25 winners)

30% commission + 2% credit towards next purchase + drawing to win an all-expense paid shopping trip (1 winner)


What is a style expert? How do I register?

A Style Expert is an independent contractor that promotes, markets and, sells items for all Style & Glam brands, including Style & Glam Lux and Style & Glam Girls.  Whether you want to make extra money as a part-time or full-time career, we encourage our experts to use this opportunity to move at her/his own pace and convenience.

What does an independent contractor mean?  Will I have to pay taxes? 

As an independent contractor, you will have to keep up with your own marketing materials and record sales information to file for taxes. At the end of the year, you will receive a document via email with your total sales, commissions and cash bonuses.

Can only women be a style experts?

Absolutely not.  We are champions of women and men who want to progress in their entrepreneurial journey.

Is this a MLM (multi-level marketing) company?

We are not a MLM.  Although we support our Style Experts if she/he wish to refer friends, family and associates to join our company, we do not mandate our experts to do so.  We do not have a hierarchal structure nor any financial incentives in place that requires our experts to assist friends, family and associates in registering.  Our style experts will not receive any commission from the sales of the members they have referred. 

Do I have to purchase a starter kit? What will I receive in the kit?

Yes, every Style Expert must purchase a starter kit and any additional marketing materials as needed.  The kits consist of your manuals, business cards, catalogs, and everything you will need to efficiently promote your business.

Will I need to purchase more marketing materials? Where can I get the materials?

Yes, as an independent contractor, you must make sure you have enough marketing materials for your business. Although we provide you with many opportunities to promote and sell products with ease, it is ultimately up to you to make your business as successful as possible.  To order more marketing materials, go under the footer {COMPANY} heading, click the LOGIN tab, select the Style Expert option, enter your Style Expert password, click the {Order Marketing Materials) option and purchase the materials.  You will receive items within 10 - 12 business days, unless otherwise stated.  Personalized materials may take longer.  IMPORTANT: Only Style & Glam can create personalized marketing materials.  By no means, should a Style Expert draft or construct her/his own materials.

Do I have to wait until I receive my starter kit to start selling? 

Absolutely not.  We encourage every Style Expert to start selling as soon as they receive her/his style code. After your registration, you will receive your style code, which you will be able to give to friends, family and associates immediately to use.  

What is a style code? How does it work?

A style code is a personalized code that will allow us to track your orders, sales and commission.  You will give every potential customer this style code or your business card with your code on it.  As they checkout their order, they will enter your code and you will receive the commission from that order.  Think of your style code as your social security number. No other Style Expert will have the same code and it will never change nor be deleted, unless you terminate your entrepreneurship with us.  If you decide to sign up after termination, you will receive a different style code.

How do I earn money?  

It is super easy to make money and get a ton of perks as a Style Expert.  Your earnings will come from commissions and cash bonuses from the sales of your customers.  Just give friends, family and everyone you know your style code, marketing materials and let them have fun shopping.  Once they place their orders and enter your style code in the checkout, you will automatically make commission (cha- ching).


How do I track my commission and cash bonuses? 

Every Style Expert will have her/his personal profile page, containing name, contact information, style code, orders placed, commissions, cash bonuses, customer returns, and any other details pertaining to your account.  Commission for every order will be entered 48 hours after the sales have been finalized and processed.  Total commissions, cash bonuses and rewards for that month will be uploaded on the second Sunday of the following month.  Go under the footer {ABOUT} heading, click the LOGIN tab, select the Style Expert option, enter your Style Expert password, select your name and enter your password to access your page. 

When and how will I receive my payouts?

You have 2 options to receive your payouts and bonuses: every month or every quarter. When you fill out the registration form, make sure to complete the question about the payouts; otherwise, your payout will automatically be for every quarter.  Every Style Expert will receive her/his payout directly to the bank account she/he entered on the registration form.

Will I have to reimburse my commission if someone, using my style code, returns merchandise?

We will waive the first return and will not debit your account.  For subsequent returns, we will debit your account and modify it on your Style & Glam page. We will not debit your account for exchanges or store credits. Please note, exchanges and store credits are only fulfilled once we receive the purchased item back to us within a timely manner.

Do I have to buy Style & Glam merchandise and resell it? 

No, not at all.  We do not permit our Style Experts to resell S & G merchandise.   This allows us to track the customer's orders, so we can provide the best customer service possible.  Please Note: Customers who try to return or exchange merchandise that wasn't purchased directly from our website will not be valid and unable to receive customer service. 

Do I need to have a website? Do I have to handle customer service, including orders, shipping, etc.?

We do not set up individual sites for our Style Experts.  We use one centralized website ( that every Style Expert will refer their potential customers to place orders.  Style & Glam handles all customer service, order processing, shipping fulfillment and any troubleshooting.  Allow us to worry about the little things, so you can focus on making the big bucks. 

Will I get any online support? Help to promote and sell?

We wouldn't have it any other way. Remember, we are in this together. It's our job to help you make sales, so we have set up many resources for you to drive those profits all the way to the bank.  

We provide 24/7 online training that teaches our Style Experts how to promote and market their business, build lasting relationships with potential customers and earn as much cash as you want!


All Style Experts will receive:

  • Marketing manuals

  • Monthly Zoom meetings​

  • Personalized marketing materials and business cards

  • Business tools to help you connect with more customers online

  • 24/7 Access to our video trainings and online resources

  • A community of supportive Style Experts

Is the training course mandatory?

No.  Although the training course is not required, we strongly suggest you take advantage of the knowledge and guidance we provide. Remember we are here to help you every step of the way.   

Is there a monthly sales quota?

Absolutely not.  Style & Glam will never place a monthly sales quota on our Style Experts. During an inactive month, we will contact the expert to see if there is anything we can do to help, but we will always work at your pace and not ours.  

Are there bonuses for hitting target promotions? 

Absolutely.  Although, we will never push monthly quotas, we love to reward our Style Experts who go the extra mile.  Our top earning experts can win free products, higher cash commissions, store credits, and all-expense paid spa days and trips. Please go to the Commission & Bonuses chart (listed above) for more details.

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